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Wedding Photo Masterclass



Lifetime Access | Limited Time Offer!

  • 60+ Jam Packed Tutorials

  • Email Templates

  • Client Questionnaire

  • Wedding Day Cheat Sheet

  • $249 worth of discounts

  • Taxes For Creatives ($97 Value)

Taxes For Creatives



You will learn about:

  • Sole Prop, LLC, S-Corp?

  • Income and Expenses

  • Basics of Bookkeeping

  • Forms- W9, 1099, W2

  • When you should hire a CPA?

  • How can a CPA save you money?

Get Taxes For Creatives for FREE with the Wedding Photo Masterclass

For a limited time only



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Who is the Wedding Photo Masterclass for?

We created this masterclass for photographers of all skillsets- from beginners starting out to professionals looking to sharpen their skillset. We are confident that you will be able to apply these practical lessons in your business!

Do I need a professional camera?

There are people in this course who have a $5,000 camera and there are students who just use their iPhone. Bottom line- you will be able to learn at whatever stage you are at in your journey!

We provide recommendations for recommended equipment at beginner and advanced levels so that you can grow at whatever level you are on.

Can I really get everything for just $97?

You better bet! Our team has been working around the clock to create high quality and engaging tutorials to help you learn photography FAST! We want this course to be accessible to everyone so we decided to knock down the higher price tag for everyone to be able to join.

Won't YouTube be able to teach me this for free?

Essentially, yes it could, but you will spend countless hours searching through lengthy tutorials just to find a 30 second bit of useful information. If you are anything like us, you value your time because your life is already busy enough!

Our editing teams created every tutorial to an incredible level of excellence with graphics, animations, and more so that you can learn more in a shorter amount of time. We even delete the breaths between sentences because we are that serious about saving your precious time.

What if I have any questions?

Our team has industry leading customer service via chat and email and we are here to serve you! Click the chat button or send us an email support@silverfoxeducation.com and you will hear back from us ASAP.

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© 2023 Silver Fox Education